Search Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

What good is a Web site if nobody can find it? That’s why Sprout Strategies has continued to stay on the leading edge of search engine optimization (SEO). We develop search engine strategies specific to each client’s needs.

We can create a basic search optimization profile for your business or delve into detailed research about your target market and create a thorough plan. In either case, we go through the following process.


First we analyze rankings for current keyword saturation for on major search engines if pertinent. Then we research key search terms used in relation to your industry or specialized field. Finally, we assess volume, competition, and overall profitability of the identified terms.


Once the research is complete, we refine existing keywords and develop new keywords for relevance, knowledge and profitability. Then we update or create content and links within your Web site. Finally we set up tracking and profiles using the Google WebMaster tools.

Search Engine Advertising

Search engine advertising is a bit different than search engine optimization. In search engine advertising we take all the research we’ve conducted in your search engine optimization profile and create an advertising campaign.

The campaign focuses on the keywords we know are searched by your target market and on the landing pages on your site that draw visitors in and convert them to customers.

Search engine advertising can be quite effective but it can also be challenging to manage because the search engines take multiple dimensions of the ad campaign into consideration when giving preferences to advertisers.

For instance Google looks at your ad’s click through rate (how many times people actually click on the it), the relevancy of your landing page (the page on your site it takes people to), as well as your maximum bid amount to determine whether or not they want to display your ad.

If you’re already confused, don’t worry! Sprout Strategies is here to help. We can set up your search engine advertising campaign and manage it for you.